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November 4, 2022

GDZ Electricity Distribution's "Electric Network and Charging Ecosystem: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions" topic, where the future of the distribution channel is discussed and the solution of infrastructure problems is discussed with the question "How can we make the Aegean Region a center of attraction with an e-mobility focus?" Within the framework of the topics discussed in the workshop we undertook, Electricity Network and Charging Ecosystem problems were determined by taking into consideration the expectations and needs of the target audience. 

Then, a common strategy was tried to be developed by suggesting different solutions to these problems. Within the scope of the workshop, 3 different topics were discussed by the participants by dividing them into teams at the tables.


The Workshop, which dealt with the topics of "Collaboration", "Infrastructure" and "Legislation";

How can we create sustainable cooperation in the ecosystem?

How can we ensure the development of technical infrastructure solutions?

How can we ensure the development of laws related to legislation?


The ideas developed by 6 teams consisting of a total of 42 participants during the workshop, which we carried out with the intense participation and contributions of the participants, and the contributions of everyone in the E-mobility ecosystem, including the leaders, were evaluated and reported throughout the workshop.

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