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  • Ana Sayfa | Originnovation

    Unifying and Inclusive We ensure that different disciplines, opinions and experiences meet in the focus of cooperation, and that inclusive structures are formed that integrate with the motivation of joint production. Get to Know Us OUR SERVICES Consultancy consultancy Innovation Strategy Consulting Learning Organization Configuration Product design Programs Programs Workshop and Meeting Management Open Innovation (Hackathon, Ideathon) Co.Creathon Climathon Education Education Design Thinking Entrepreneurship Education & Mentoring Keşfet OUR EXPERIENCES Ford Türkiye Business Area Team Building Workshop In the workshop we held with the Ford Otosan Business Area team and Leaders on the theme of "being an effective team" and we facilitated, the awareness of the teams in Ford Turkey Sales, After Sales and Marketing departments to work together, by using the design thinking method in the workshop we designed with the focus of being a team, the participants shared their experiences and shared their experiences. With 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ shared, we have opened a space where learning is encouraged. Detaylı İncele Discover All Experiences

  • Ekip | Originnovation

    WHO ARE WE ? Originnovation is an innovation movement that emerged in order to improve the contribution and effects of the collaboration and co-production model we have experienced with the methodology we developed at Originn. It aims to establish flexible collaborations with each other by integrating the private sector with the university, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. This enables collaborations to develop creative communities that can be measured, tracked and embraced an open innovation culture. İçinde bulunduğumuz süreçlerde hatalardan ders almayı, sürekli denemeyi, yaratıcılığa güvenmeyi, empati kurmayı, belirsizlikleri kabullenmeyi, iyimser olmayı, tekrar tekrar yapmayı önemsiyor, yeniliğe ve gelişime açık olan sizleri, benimsemeye teşvik ediyoruz. ​ ​ Süreçte sizi bu değerlere davet ediyoruz. ​ Life Orientation Not only human; we focus on all living things and the world, that is, life. We care about creating value for the future, and we take care to be sensitive and sustainable. Co-production We believe we are all part of the community. We work with the motivation to build self-aware communities based on participation, solidarity and sharing. Inclusivity We adopt an independent, flexible structure that is fed from different disciplines, views and experiences, and is constantly renewed. In the focus of cooperation, we attach importance to being a unifier and facilitator. We are a team that advances with the values of inclusivity, life-oriented and co-production! Nazey Erdilek Can Güvenir Esra Gonen Ece Bozca Bahar Körpetütüncü Ece Yilmazdemir

  • Ne Yapıyoruz? | Originnovation

    What are we doing? By focusing on the identified problems, we conduct detailed research on the subject, internalize them and develop solutions. We create a strong network with developed solutions and collaborations. In every service we provide, we draw strength from our past experiences with our network, and we document the solutions we develop by preparing comprehensive reports. Consultancy Innovation Strategy Consulting Learning Organization Configuration Product & Process Design Programs Workshop and Meeting Management Open Innovation (Hackathon, Ideathon) Co.Creathon Climathon Education Design Thinking Entrepreneurship Education & Mentoring Programlar Çalıştay ve Toplantı Yönetimi Açık İnovasyon (Hackathon, Ideathon) Co.Creathon PROGRAMS Workshop & Meeting Management We listen, understand and internalize the current situation and expectations of your institution. We design the most suitable Workshop - Workshop process for you in the focus of expectations and needs, and we facilitate the operation process for you to ensure that this process works flawlessly. Open Innovation (Hackathon & Ideathon) We develop innovative ideas through joint production without using closed sources, in sharing and cooperation, we open space for innovative ideas to come to light with the idea development marathons we organize in line with the themes and/or problem areas determined by the institutions, and we draw strength from our community network to bring these ideas to life. Co.Creathon It is the original content of Co-Creathon Originnovation, which aims to experience co-production and constructive competition to create a culture of open innovation, accompanied by collective brainstorming, research, conversations and humor. It refers to a product or service design process in which inputs from users play a central role from start to finish, covering a fixed-term workshop with the goal of developing collaborations with a production model. In Co.Creathon, “Design Thinking” methodology is applied as the basic thinking structure. It includes all stakeholders in the experience by making the experience valuable. The whole process is implemented through the platform named, which was designed by Originnovation as a co-production tool. It is based on participatory design, cumulative problem solving experience, idea management and transparent involvement of all teams. It is an interdisciplinary and supradisciplinary (interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary, transdisciplinary) learning and production experience in an open innovation culture. Climathon Climathon, organized annually since 2018 with city stakeholders, is a city-based program that provides a clear path for action and interaction, which gives cities and citizens the opportunity to co-create local ideas against common climate challenges. ​ It is a global movement. The program participants of Climathon, which we design, facilitate and host each year with the focus of determined themes, consist of private sector representatives, civil society actors, students and young people. Climathon Danışmanlık inovasyon stratejis danışmanlığı Öğrenen organizasyon DANIŞMANLIK Innovation Strategy Consulting In the strategic consultancy model, which is designed according to the needs of the institution or project; After the sector and market research, project teams are formed according to the needs and needs of the institution, focusing on the demands and current situation of the institution, and the creation processes and product/designs are planned and implemented. The whole process is followed and evaluated. After the evaluated process, products and services are developed together with the institutions, it is turned into a comprehensive report and transmitted to the institution. Learning Organization Configuration With the institutions we walk together on the path of innovative organizational structuring; Efforts are made for the organization of a structure in which everyone in the institution feeds each other with their own knowledge and experience, and the way for continuous development is opened. In this structuring process, after the research processes to understand the current situation such as sector and market researches specific to the needs of the institutions, the integration of the institutions in the private sector into the university ecosystem, entrepreneurship, innovation and flexible collaborations with the design thinking method are ensured. At the end of the consultancy process, the whole process is reported and a comprehensive resource is created for further studies. Product & Process Design After the target user, market and sector researches made in line with the needs and goals of the institution; Product and process design consultancy is provided for the production of new products or spacers with technical features that are highly competitive in the market, innovative and capable of meeting consumer needs, and then the whole process is reported. Ürün & Süreç tasarımı EĞİTİM DT EĞİTİM Design Thinking Training Design Thinking; 21st century with the focus of communication, cooperation, questioning and creativity. It is the basic mindset that provides the basic educational goals and is used from the problem definition to the solution process. Participants in the Design Thinking training process; Together with the moderators and facilitators, they bring different solutions to the problem they have defined as teams. By adapting Design Thinking training as a compact process, first understanding, empathy and problem definition; then idea development and prototyping; It consists of different stages and team work, with the final presentation being the last. The purpose of these trainings we give to the teams in various departments of the institutions; To create teams that understand, observe, offer solutions to problems, produce creative ideas and have strong communication power, and guide them in contributing to the operational improvements of these teams. Entrepreneurship Education & Mentoring With this training, it is aimed that in-house teams get closer to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and enable them to closely follow technological trends that can be beneficial for the company. Going over the definitions of entrepreneurship and mentoring concepts during the training process provides an opportunity to look at teams from an entrepreneurial perspective and provides a practical mentor experience. Girişimcilik By blending our past experiences and learning, we produce unique solutions for each institution, we get stronger with every service we provide and our acquaintances. So What Can We Do For You? Let's Meet! Gelin Tanışalım !

  • Originnovation | Love, Design, Innovate

    Design Thinking Workshop SUMMIT - YAŞAR UNIVERSITY SITE EMT DT Training We held the Design Thinking & Networking event within the scope of the Summit'22 organized by Yaşar University Industrial Engineering Society. We stepped into the Design Thinking approach with approximately 100 participants; We became facilitators in networking activities in order to establish empathy, find common solutions to common problems, strengthen professional and personal relationships, and adapt to the environment and conditions. ​ While the participants met each other, they had the opportunity to discuss about adapting to the past, present and future. Then, they developed a common sense on the potential areas in the near future and how to shape their careers in line with these areas.

  • Sıkça Sorulan Sorular | Originnovation

    Frequently Asked Questions Can we support Originnovation as an institution? We are open to solution partnerships and collaborations with all institutions that we share common values with. To be included in our multi-stakeholder structure by developing and supporting projects together, you can answer your You can send it to your e-mail address. For whom is it suitable? What types of customers do you serve? The solutions we offer are suitable for all large/small scale businesses, institutions and organizations that are willing to improve themselves and advance with innovative value propositions. How can I determine the right method for my institution? To find what your institution needs, you can browse our past events, choose the solution that is closest to you, and reach us via How can I follow the news and developments about Originnovation? You can be informed about the developments by following our Linkedin, Medium and Instagram social media accounts and our website.

  • Sürdürülebilir Moda | Originnovation

    SUSTAINABLE FASHION 13 - 28 September 2020 In the Co.Creathon organized with the participation of IDF apprentices under the partnership of Notion Collective, under the title of “How can we increase awareness of sustainable fashion?” 4 different universities and 21 participants from 10 different disciplines developed 5 different projects. . Each team presented their own project with 3-minute short videos prepared at the project finale. Final presentations and the closing of the workshop were made both online and face-to-face at the same time. 31 Participant 12 University 12 Different Discipline 8 Different city

  • Porto Staj | Originnovation

    Porto Internship Executive (IDF) IZMIR DESIGN FACTORY 8 - 27 September 2021 İzmir Design Factory, a multi-stakeholder design, education and research center, realized an internship program at one of its global partners, Porto Design Factory, facilitated by Originnovation. ​ Organized by the IDF and credited by Yaşar University, the 2019-2020 spring term Design Course has been completed efficiently, and 10 IDF graduates from different disciplines of design, engineering and social sciences have been included in the internship program. Interns who had the opportunity to examine Porto culture and stakeholder studies on site between 6-27 September 2021, IDF Training Coordinator and Originnovation founding partner Can Güvenir online facilitated the question “How can we ensure the sustainability of IDF in İzmir?” worked on the title. İzmir Design Factory

  • Sürdürülebilir Diyalog - İdeathon | Originnovation

    Civil Society Dialogue Program VI - IDEATHON SUSTAINABLE DIALOGUE PROJECT 22 - 23 June 2022 The process design and facilitator of the process, organized in the European Union and Turkey with the cooperation of non-governmental organizations and institutional stakeholders, who are experts in their fields, to create a complementary digital information provision platform with innovative educational materials for youth on Energy and Environment. In the Ideathon we held, students between the ages of 15-28 developed online education content in accordance with their level and the education system in Turkey, working with experts and educators on the axis of Environmental Protection, Economic Growth and Social Development, which are the three main components of Sustainability. In the Ideathon process, where we adapted the Design Thinking method as a compact 24-hour process, which was carried out in order to offer new methods for the innovative work of young people, to increase their digital competencies and to enable them to develop solutions with a digital perspective on ecological issues; In the company of stakeholders, mentors, moderators and facilitators, they brought different solutions to the problem they defined within the scope of the project. As a result of the team work, 52 participants from 3 different cities, 7 different high schools and 8 different universities, which were included in the Ideathon process, completed the project as 10 teams from different disciplines. Sudol Team, which won the 1st prize after the jury's evaluations, became Karşıyaka Collective Initiative shortly after Ideathon.

  • İzmir Design Factory (IDF) | Originnovation

    Izmir Design Factory (IDF) It is an organization focused on design, education and research to meet the needs of local stakeholders, qualified human resources and projects with high added value in order to strengthen competition in the global market through local development and international partnerships. ​ The formation of the IDF started its adventure as a project supported by EU funds. IDF; It is a flexible platform that has connections with universities, private sector, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations in Turkey. IDF; Originn has a multi-stakeholder structure with EFTA, Porto Design Factory, Yaşar University, Matera Hub, Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ESİAD) and future partnerships. Izmir Design Factory

  • Yeni Medya ve Dezenformasyon | Originnovation

    NEW MEDIA AND DISINFORMATION 22 - 29 May 2021 As a result of the team work carried out in the "New Media and Disinformation" Co.Creathon, which was held with the partnership of Denizli Chamber of Industry EU Information Centers, 6 teams formed by 31 participants from different disciplines with different targets such as children, youth and other active media users with gamification, IOT, cryptology and blockchain technologies. they developed project ideas on each other's research and ideas by developing a common mind on reaching the right information by the masses. You can review the developed projects through research and project reports along with the process. ​ 31 Participant 12 University 12 Different Discipline 8 Different city

  • “İzmir Kaynak Verimliliği Programı” | Originnovation

    Logo Design and Usage Directive İZMİR KAYNAK EFFICIENCY PROGRAM The design service provided for the "İzmir Resource Efficiency Program", carried out in partnership with UNDP and İZKA, includes logo design, color and typography selections, logo application rules, determination of corporate identity products, on-product logo applications, determination of the project slogan and logo usage guidance booklet within the scope of corporate identity work. included the creation. Sub-brand logo designs were made for the “Industrial Symbiosis” and “Digital Transformation” projects, which are the two sub-projects of the “İzmir Resource Efficiency Programme”. The social target determined within the scope of the service is to design the original product to increase awareness and create associations as a result of the research conducted under the sub-titles of "Industrial Symbiosis" and "Digital Transformation" by determining the program manifest and brand character. August - September 2021

  • Deneyimler | Originnovation

    DENEYİMLER Together with cooperation, joint production and the values we adopt, we present our inclusive, systematic, high-quality works as our experiences. Programlar Danışmanlık Eğitim L7 type Electric Vehicle Design Ford Türkiye Business Area Workshop Learning Organization Consultancy: "Redesigning the New Generation Employees' Start-Up Process in Corporate Firms" Ford Türkiye Business Area Workshop Compliance with the Green Deal and Renewable Energy Applied Entrepreneurship Mentoring Training Learning Organization Consulting: “How Can We Improve the Recruitment and Orientation Process Experience of the New Generation?” Compliance with the Green Deal and Renewable Energy Sustainable Urban Furniture Design Compliance with the Green Deal and Renewable Energy Electricity Grid and Charging Ecosystem: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions Compliance with the Green Deal and Renewable Energy Sustainable Urban Furniture Design Applied Entrepreneurship Mentoring Training Learning Organization Consultancy: "Redesigning the New Generation Employees' Start-Up Process in Corporate Firms" Civil Society Dialogue Program VI Sustainable Dialogue Project HACK 4 KARŞIYAKA “Smart and Sustainable Cities” Electric Motor Design Colorful Forest Schools - Networking Event Design Thinking & Networking Yasar University EMT Creative Industries & Manufacturing Industry Design Marathon Disaster Platform with Volunteers Effective Communication / Co.Creathon In Extraordinary Situations Disinformation / Co.Creathon Design Thinking Workshop (Marble İzmir/ World Stone Summit) Learning Organization Consulting: "Loyalty System Improvement and Redesign" New Media and Disinformation Co.Creathon Water for a Sustainable World Co.Creathon Sustainable Fashion Co.Creathon "İzmir Resource Efficiency Program" Logo Design and Usage Directive Design Thinking & Networking IKV Istanbul EU Information Center UNDP “Waste Based Behavior Changes” & “Waste Separation Guide” Education Foundations Cooperation Model Porto Internship Executive (Izmir Design Factory) Effective Presentation Techniques Training Izmir Design Factory (IDF) facilitation

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