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What are we doing?

By focusing on the identified problems, we conduct detailed research on the subject, internalize them and develop solutions. We create a strong network with developed solutions and collaborations.  In every service we provide, we draw strength from our past experiences with our network, and we document the solutions we develop by preparing comprehensive reports.

Çalıştay ve Toplantı Yönetimi
Açık İnovasyon (Hackathon, Ideathon)
Çalıştay & Toplantı Yönetimi


Workshop & Meeting Management

We listen, understand and internalize the current situation and expectations of your institution. We design the most suitable Workshop - Workshop process for you in the focus of expectations and needs, and we facilitate the operation process for you to ensure that this process works flawlessly.

Open Innovation (Hackathon & Ideathon)

We develop innovative ideas through joint production without using closed sources, in sharing and cooperation, we open space for innovative ideas to come to light with the idea development marathons we organize in line with the themes and/or problem areas determined by the institutions, and we draw strength from our community network to bring these ideas to life.

Açık İnovasyon


It is the original content of Co-Creathon Originnovation, which aims to experience co-production and constructive competition to create a culture of open innovation, accompanied by collective brainstorming, research, conversations and humor. 


It refers to a product or service design process in which inputs from users play a central role from start to finish, covering a fixed-term workshop with the goal of developing collaborations with a production model. In Co.Creathon, “Design Thinking” methodology is applied as the basic thinking structure. It includes all stakeholders in the experience by making the experience valuable. The whole process is implemented through the platform named, which was designed by Originnovation as a co-production tool. It is based on participatory design, cumulative problem solving experience, idea management and transparent involvement of all teams. It is an interdisciplinary and supradisciplinary (interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary, transdisciplinary) learning and production experience in an open innovation culture.


Climathon, organized annually since 2018 with city stakeholders, is a city-based program that provides a clear path for action and interaction, which gives cities and citizens the opportunity to co-create local ideas against common climate challenges.

It is a global movement. The program participants of Climathon, which we design, facilitate and host each year with the focus of determined themes, consist of private sector representatives, civil society actors, students and young people.

inovasyon stratejis danışmanlığı
Öğrenen organizasyon

Innovation Strategy Consulting

In the strategic consultancy model, which is designed according to the needs of the institution or project; After the sector and market research, project teams are formed according to the needs and needs of the institution, focusing on the demands and current situation of the institution, and the creation processes and product/designs are planned and implemented. The whole process is followed and evaluated. After the evaluated process, products and services are developed together with the institutions, it is turned into a comprehensive report and transmitted to the institution.

Learning Organization Configuration

With the institutions we walk together on the path of innovative organizational structuring; Efforts are made for the organization of a structure in which everyone in the institution feeds each other with their own knowledge and experience, and the way for continuous development is opened. In this structuring process, after the research processes to understand the current situation such as sector and market researches specific to the needs of the institutions, the integration of the institutions in the private sector into the university ecosystem, entrepreneurship, innovation and flexible collaborations with the design thinking method are ensured. At the end of the consultancy process, the whole process is reported and a comprehensive resource is created for further studies.

Öğrenen Organizasyon
Ürün&Süreç Tasarımı

Product & Process Design

After the target user, market and sector researches made in line with the needs and goals of the institution; Product and process design consultancy is provided for the production of new products or spacers with technical features that are highly competitive in the market, innovative and capable of meeting consumer needs, and then the whole process is reported.

Ürün & Süreç tasarımı
Design Thinking Eğitimi

Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking; 21st century with the focus of communication, cooperation, questioning and creativity. It is the basic mindset that provides the basic educational goals and is used from the problem definition to the solution process. Participants in the Design Thinking training process; Together with the moderators and facilitators, they bring different solutions to the problem they have defined as teams. By adapting Design Thinking training as a compact process, first understanding, empathy and problem definition; then idea development and prototyping; It consists of different stages and team work, with the final presentation being the last.


The purpose of these trainings we give to the teams in various departments of the institutions; To create teams that understand, observe, offer solutions to problems, produce creative ideas and have strong communication power, and guide them in contributing to the operational improvements of these teams.

Entrepreneurship Education & Mentoring

With this training, it is aimed that in-house teams get closer to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and enable them to closely follow technological trends that can be beneficial for the company. Going over the definitions of entrepreneurship and mentoring concepts during the training process provides an opportunity to look at teams from an entrepreneurial perspective and provides a practical mentor experience.


By blending our past experiences and learning, we produce unique solutions for each institution,  we get stronger with every service we provide and our acquaintances. 

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