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Consulting "Product & Process Design"


24 Weeks

The 3-phase motor design was carried out as part of Originnovation's product design consultancy service. The design consultancy service, which lasted for 6 months, progressed within the scope of research and concept design, variation and application drawing. The design consultancy was carried out in collaboration with the stakeholder, and was furthered by the firm's opinions and feedback.


In the design process, first of all, detailed research was carried out. The history, vision, mission, goals and products of the company to be served were researched and the production line and capacity were examined through factory tours. The company's local and international competitors, the usage areas of the engines and the companies it supplies were researched. 


As a result of all these researches, an inspiration board was created for the engine to be designed for the company, and design decisions were made as a result of researches and company interviews. The designs that will form the final product(s) with the design decisions made were developed within the framework of the cycle concept and visualized in 3D to be presented to the company. Final design decisions were made as a result of the tests carried out during the ongoing design process, customer interviews and in-house surveys.

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