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Design Thinking Workshop


Marble Izmir Fair
World Stone Summit

The workshop was held with the representatives of natural stone associations from different parts of the world under the title of "How can we sustain the Natural Stone Industry after the Pandemic" and facilitated by Originnovation. The workshop, which was prepared with the Design-Oriented Thinking approach, was held in order to enable the participants to bring solutions to their common problems by creating a common mind. Discussing within the framework of the determined issues, the participants first defined the main problems of the sector by considering the expectations and needs of the target groups, then they brought different solutions to these problems and tried to develop a common strategy. The workshop was carried out in the presence of moderators and facilitators. It was ensured that researches were carried out before the workshop, questions were asked to the participants during the workshop, and the process was reported in text and visuals.

August 26, 2021

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