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26 Weeks

Loyalty Programs are one of the methods that brands use both to gain new customers and to maintain their communication with their existing customers and to increase brand loyalty. This approach can generally be summarized as additional resources, gifts or rights that the customer receives in return for the brand's product or service.  When we consider the Loyalty Programs within the framework of community management, the relationship network starts with a benefit-based relationship between the brand and the customer. we can see it as all of the relationship ties that brand customers can establish among themselves.


Our stakeholder, who wanted to strengthen his relationship with his existing customers and establish sustainable relationships by gaining new customers with the Loyalty Program, aimed to transform the experience, user experience and data gained through this program into meaningful outputs and experiences for customers and the company by bringing them to the present day. For this reason, there was a need to improve and redesign the existing system both in terms of operational processes, interfaces, and content.


In this context, in the 6-week Loyalty System Improvement and Redesign process, which we designed for the stakeholder, including the employees of the company, the teams established with people from different experiences, accompanied by the facilitators, ensured that intra-team interaction was established with the routine work carried out every week during the project process.


This interaction, which is part of our basic approach, was important in terms of learning from each other during the project process.


At the end of the process, a report was prepared in which we explained the decisions we made during the process in a cause-effect relationship and presented our strategies, and delivered to the stakeholder.

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