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December 6, 2022

11 different  with the participation of the representatives of the tourism directorates of the metropolitan municipality, sector stakeholders, representatives from foundations and associations  and the local government "How can we offer experiences with quality tourism returns?" In the workshop, which we designed and facilitated on the axis of the question, on the basis of the Design Thinking approach , it was aimed to bring solutions to the common problems of the participants  with common sense . .

In the workshop, which started by explaining the current values of each metropolitan municipality representative's own city within the scope of Team - City pairings, the participants, who discussed the destination management focus of the cities, first defined the main problems of the sector by considering the expectations and needs of the target audiences, then tried to develop a common strategy by suggesting different solutions to these problems. ..


It was ensured that researches were carried out before the workshop, related questions were asked to the participants during the workshop, and the process was reported in text and visuals.

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