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September 13, 2022

In the Applied Entrepreneur Mentoring Training, which we designed, facilitated and organized with the partnership of İnci Academy, 4 teams of 19  participants with different experiences from different companies and departments, as a result of team work, were created with the focus of “Inci Radar Mentoring”. Would you like to be a mentor in “İnci Radar”, an open innovation channel?” He participated in the training on the question of the entrepreneur, received training on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and mentoring, and reinforced the knowledge and insights gained through the application work.


In the light of the mentors' experiences; A sharing environment has been created to support entrepreneurs through mentoring processes, where they are expected to guide startups that will apply to İnci Radar in line with their fields of study and growth-oriented. Thus, it was aimed to ensure that the mentors are intertwined with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and closely follow the technological trends that can be beneficial for their companies.


Participants in the Applied Entrepreneur Mentoring Training process; Accompanied by moderators and trainers, she learned about “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” and “Mentoring Definition and Mentoring Competencies” within the scope of “Inci Radar: Applied Entrepreneurship Mentoring” and had the chance to apply this knowledge in practice.

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