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Consulting "Learning Organization Consulting"

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8 - 16 August 2022

Today, on the way to becoming an employer brand, companies act by caring about how they are perceived by their current and potential employees. Branding and marketing the employment experience is one of the main goals of these companies. Companies with employer branding come to promote their companies through social advocacy and word of mouth communication by their employees.


For our stakeholder, who has been carrying out different activities, trainings and communication activities for years with the aim of becoming an employer brand, a design thinking training focused on the employer brand was designed in order to understand the needs and wishes of the new generation. The participants were selected from the people in the 1-month summer internship program as young professionals and their experiences in the institution. With the applied Design Thinking training designed, it was aimed for the participants to develop the experience of the company on the way of becoming an employer brand and to present their ideas.


By keeping the idea and experience development process under the heading of communication, it was planned to produce outputs that would support the company's visibility activities, and in this focus, "How can the company become a more interesting workplace?" and “how to transfer the awareness of the company to university students and young professionals?” sought answers to questions.


During the Design Thinking training process, participants consisting of 25 interns from 12 different universities, 12 different departments and 15 different departments; In the company of moderators and facilitators, they brought different solutions to the problem they defined within the scope of "Employer Branding" in teams. By adapting Design Thinking training as a compact process, first understanding, empathy and problem definition; It consisted of different stages and team work, followed by idea development and prototype, and finally the final presentation.


At the end of the training, the whole process was turned into a comprehensive report and conveyed to the stakeholder.

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