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Consulting "Innovation Strategy Consulting"



16 Weeks

“How can we improve the recruitment and orientation process experience of the new generation?” As a result of the examination of the question, it was aimed to develop projects with new generations and to integrate potential projects into the existing structure of the firm for the consulting firm on this path, which was started with the belief that the brand's adaptation to the future would be with human resources.


During the consultancy process, we designed a 4-month   project process consisting of research, design and implementation phases.


During the research process, which is the first stage of the project, a literature search was conducted, and in parallel with this, subject-focused interviews were conducted with expert employees and competitor analyzes were made.


We have facilitated the identification of the stakeholder opportunities for HR studies  by compiling what competitors do or fail to do right in terms of HR.


In the restructuring phase, which is one of the steps of strategic HR management; In the design of the onboarding process, the existing system, in-house interviews and the insights gained from the focus group training were examined and pain points were determined. Improvements were made by making additions to the existing onboarding system with the project team of the onboarding process.


During the process, a design thinking training was given, in which the new employees of the company participated. Young employees, who developed ideas in teams and focused on insights, contributed to the training outputs with 5 different project ideas. These ideas were developed and projected after the training. 


It is aimed that the projects created as a result of the project design will be transformed into in-house initiative projects and support the brand to move into the future.

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