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  • Curiosity Pool | Originnovation

    Kazimdirik, 296/2. Sk No:33, 35100 Bornova/Izmir 0232 700 02 36

  • Olağanüstü Durumlarda Dezenformasyon | Originnovation

    USUAL DISINFORMATION 2 - 9 October 2021 Emergency situations necessitate communication and coordination, and the media, which is a source of communication at the social level, plays an important role in the process of perceiving and combating extraordinary situations, in reaching the masses of information. The media reminds the extraordinary situations when they occur and informs the reader / viewer in an organized manner. In the “Disinformation in Emergency Situations” co-creathon; involved in this experience process, which we have designed with the intention of creating a creative community and where the design thinking method is applied, as 35 participants from 4 different cities, 7 different universities, 6 teams from different disciplines, “So how can we prevent disinformation in extraordinary situations? ” sought an answer to his question. The deliveries related to these projects were shared by the participants on the platform, which focuses on open innovation and opens a space for joint production by feeding on each other's research and idea development processes. 31 Participant 12 University 12 Different Discipline 8 Different city

  • Yaratıcı Endüstriler & İmalat Sanayi Tasarım Maratonu | Originnovation

    CREATIVE INDUSTRIES & MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY DESIGN MARATHON Participants in the Creative Industries & Manufacturing Industry Design Marathon, which was organized as the second stage of the Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries Program, which we established with the partnership of İZKA-Originn in order to find solutions for the innovation and competitive differentiation of the manufacturing industry and for the creative entrepreneurs to find solutions for sustainable business model needs; Creative Industries has developed an idea focused on the theme of sustainable and competitive value creation in cooperation. 31 participants, who were included in the Design Marathon process, consisting of manufacturing industry actors and 21 entrepreneurs who completed the Nesta Creative Entrepreneurship Program, during the marathon, the participants brought different solutions to the problem they defined within the scope of the project in teams for 4 days in teams, accompanied by stakeholders, coordinators and facilitators. Period; The kick-off meeting was completed with mentor interviews, problem definition, idea development and finally final presentations. The outputs of the work they have done in the process, where other teams can interact.CoDesignn shared on the online platform. 16 - 19 December 2021

  • Ren Summit 2023 | Originnovation

    FORD TURKIYE BUSINESS FIELD WORKSHOP March 11, 2023 In the workshop that we realized and facilitated with Ford Otosan Business Area team and Leaders; After defining the current situation and needs with the insights obtained as a result of in-house interviews with Ford Otosan management and Business Line employees, we designed a workshop with the focus of "being a team" based on the Design Thinking methodology. The awareness of the teams in Ford Turkey Sales, After Sales and Marketing departments to work together, is a workshop where 167 participants shared their experiences for 8 hours, and learning together with the shared ones is encouraged. besides freeing up space What? From where? How? Within the scope of the workshop, which we designed on the axis of the questions, we also provided the opportunity for each participant to meet with their colleagues they do not know, to establish new ties and to generate ideas together by taking place at different tables under the title of “what kind of a team”. The outputs of the workshop we conducted with Notidem and the analyzes of these outputs were reported at the end of the process and shared with the stakeholder.

  • Yeşil Mutabakata Uyum ve Yenilenebilir Enerji | Originnovation

    GREEN ACCOUNT HARMONIZATION AND RENEWABLE ENERGY Program participants of Climathon, which we design, facilitate and host each year with the focus of determined themes, consist of private sector representatives, civil society actors, students and youth. In this context, the theme of Climathon, of which we have been the İzmir representative, hosting and managing since 2018, in 2022 has been determined as Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving, EU green agreement. ​ At Originn and at the 24-hour Climathon 43 participants, accompanied by mentors and facilitators “How can we contribute to the reliable energy cycle in creating cities that can produce their own energy in the axis of Renewable Energy, Energy Savings & Efficiency and the EU Green Deal?” sought an answer to his question. 27 - 28 October 2022

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